DNA Testing for Smart Life Choices

Are you maximizing your
DNA potential?

Test your DNA. Make intelligent lifestyle decisions
for yourself and your children.

Will my son be tall?
Is my daughter likely to smoke or become overweight?
Will my partner lose his hair by the time he is 35?
Am I a sprinter or a marathon runner?

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The Geneometer™ DNA Tests analyze the nature of your DNA

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MyDNA Insights kit

Reveal your DNA Promise

Find out how your genes influence who you are and what you can be with this affordable DNA test kit.

Gain valuable, scientific information about everything from your cognitive abilities to your athletic aptitude and physical attributes.

Make smarter life choices!

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My Child's DNA Insights Kit

Reveal your Child's Potential

Find out how your children's
genes influence who they are and what they can be with this affordable DNA test kit.

Gain valuable information about your child’s cognitive, athletic and physical tendencies.

Make better decisions that will nurture your child’s genetic potential.

Now Only $119