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Response to Diet

An inactive lifestyle and poor food choices are the primary causes of weight gain, but genetic makeup is also a key factor. Your genetics not only influence weight gain, but they also influence weight loss and dieting. Knowing more about your DNA is an important part of understanding how your body processes, stores and loses fat.

Do you have a genetic tendency to be overweight? Is a Mediterranean diet likely to help you maintain a healthy weight? Make better lifestyle choices by learning more about your DNA. Take the Response to Diet DNA Test today!

Genetics 101

Every cell in the human body contains DNA– a long complex chain made of billions of bases called nucleotides. Only four types of nucleotides compose the DNA chain: These are A=Adenine G = Guanin, T=Thymine, C= Cytosine. The DNA chain is packed in 23 separate packages called chromosomes, which make our genome. A gene is a sequence of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of nucleotides. Human cells have two copies for almost every gene in our genome. Together, all of our genes determine our physical characteristics and traits.

Nucleotide sequence in the DNA chain has some differences for each person, which is what makes each of us unique. A change in the sequence of even a single nucleotide can determine a person’s certain tendency. Studies have found that is it enough for a person to have a change in a single nucleotide (known as SNP-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) to mark a gene and to be able to predict with certainty that this person has a specific tendency.
(read more about DNA and genes in Genetics 101).

Response to Diet Test

The body’s tendency to store fat is a primary factor for researchers. Scientists have found that among severely overweight people, the Pro12Ala variant is associated with weight gain. PPARG is a protein involved in fat storage and a variant of this gene called Pro12Ala has been associated with reduced weight gain, improved insulin sensitivity and a lower risk for type 2 diabetes in several studies. Diet generally affects the PPARG protein’s interactions with hormones and other molecules involved in metabolism.

Researchers have also studied a genetic variant in the APOA2 in three different populations. The people in each group who carry the G:G genotype at SNP rs5082 and consumed a diet high in saturated fat had greater odds of being overweight. However, those who carried the A:G or A:A alleles and ate a diet high in saturated fat had normal odds of obesity.
The marker used in this test is rs1801282.

These testimonials are based on fictional accounts, but for most of us, they are all-too familiar situations.

“I have been a yo-yo dieter for twenty years with no success. I wanted to be healthier and finally lose the weight once and for all. My friend told me about the Response to Diet DNA Test and suggested it might be a good idea to help me better understand my genes and possibly choose a better diet plan as a result. The results were not surprising; I don’t have great genes for dieting, but I found out that if I stick to a low carb diet, I’ll have better results. Since then, I’ve lost ten pounds!”

“My husband has always been a great dieter, he’ll decide to lose fifteen pounds and actually do it! He took the Response to Diet DNA Test to see if this was a genetic factor. It is. I took the test as well, because I was having trouble losing the weight I wanted. Strangely enough, my DNA also favored dieting success, so I figured I must be on the wrong type of diet. I changed my eating habits to include more protein and I’ve lost weight and feel better than I ever have in my life.”

“Until I reached my mid-thirties, I never had to diet or exercise. Suddenly, I put on twenty pounds. I took the Response to Diet DNA Test to see what my genetic factors were in terms of my dieting potential. The results showed that my DNA was the type that doesn’t really respond well to diets. I worked with a weight-loss coach and a personal trainer who helped me use the results of the test; they made sure I was on the right diet and exercise plan for my particular genetic makeup.”

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