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Hair Loss

Are you worried about losing your hair?

Do you seek a mate who won’t lose his hair by the time he is 35?

Baldness tends to occur most often in white men, followed by Asians and African Americans, and the least often in Native Americans and Eskimos. Commonly known as male or female pattern baldness, Androgenetic Alopecia (AA) generally affects the hairline and crown of the head first in men, while women usually experience an overall thinning.

There is no need to wonder if you will lose your hair. Hair loss potential can actually be identified in your DNA. A fast, convenient, and affordable DNA test will reveal the likelihood that you will bald - for you, your boyfriend or spouse, or even for your children.

Knowing what the future may hold helps us make better life choices and be prepared. If you want to know more about your genetic hair loss tendency, take the  Hair Loss DNA Test today!

Genetics 101

Every cell in the human body contains DNA– a long complex chain made of billions of bases called nucleotides. Only four types of nucleotides compose the DNA chain: These are A=Adenine G = Guanin, T=Thymine, C= Cytosine. The DNA chain is packed in 23 separate packages called chromosomes, which make our genome. A gene is a sequence of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of nucleotides. Human cells have two copies for almost every gene in our genome. Together, all of our genes determine our physical characteristics and traits.

Nucleotide sequence in the DNA chain has some differences for each person, which is what makes each of us unique. A change in the sequence of even a single nucleotide can determine a person’s certain tendency. Studies have found that is it enough for a person to have a change in a single nucleotide (known as SNP-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) to mark a gene and to be able to predict with certainty that this person has a specific tendency.
(read more about DNA and genes in Genetics 101).

Hair Loss Potential Test

The loss of scalp hair is known as male and female pattern baldness or Androgenetic Alopecia. It is an extremely common condition that affects approximately 50% of men and perhaps, just as many women older than 40 years who have reached menopause. Baldness and hair thinning are generally inherited traits, but the actual cause remains unknown. The traits are dependent on levels of the hormone androgen and the Androgen Receptor (AR) gene on the X chromosome, Males inherit their X chromosome from their mothers, so male pattern baldness is inherited maternally.

There are four markers mapped to different genes, some of which have unknown functions that are found to contribute to baldness and hair thinning. These markers (SNPs) may assist in the identification of groups of men at higher high risk for losing their scalp hair. These markers include: rs1160312, rs6152, rs2180439, and rs1352015.

These testimonials are based on fictional accounts, but for most of us, they are all-too familiar situations.

“My fiance? insists he will never go bald in our old age; it’s kind of a running joke between us. I bought the Hair Loss Potential Test for him to see if he was accurate in his assumption. What were the results? He was wrong! There is evidence in his genetic makeup that he may go bald. I’ll marry him anyways though!”

“I started losing my hair after I reached menopause and wanted to see if there was a potential for me to lose all of it as I grow older. Not many of the women or men in my family have baldness issues, but I wanted to be sure. The Hair Loss Potential Test put my concerns at ease. I don’t have baldness in my genes after all.”

“I went bald very early at the age of 23. My Dad still has a full head of hair, but on my Mother’s side, many of the men are in fact bald. The Hair Loss Potential Test did show that I probably inherited my baldness from my Mother’s side. It was really interesting to see my genetic makeup.”

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