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Morning/Night Person

Are you a morning person? Or is only in the evening that you start to feel energetic? A DNA Test can reveal your natural sleeping patterns and whether you are a morning person or a night owl.

- Find out valuable information about your natural preferences that will help you make better scheduling decisions.

- Make career choices that fit your biological clock.

- Learn about your natural waking and sleeping patterns.

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Genetics 101

Every cell in the human body contains DNA– a long complex chain made of billions of bases called nucleotides. Only four types of nucleotides compose the DNA chain: These are A=Adenine G = Guanin, T=Thymine, C= Cytosine. The DNA chain is packed in 23 separate packages called chromosomes, which make our genome. A gene is a sequence of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of nucleotides. Human cells have two copies for almost every gene in our genome. Together, all of our genes determine our physical characteristics and traits.

Nucleotide sequence in the DNA chain has some differences for each person, which is what makes each of us unique. A change in the sequence of even a single nucleotide can determine a person’s certain tendency. Studies have found that is it enough for a person to have a change in a single nucleotide (known as SNP-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) to mark a gene and to be able to predict with certainty that this person has a specific tendency.
(read more about DNA and genes in Genetics 101).

Morning or Evening Preference Test

Gene polymorphisms in the mammalian biological clock system influence individual rhythms. rs1801260, a SNP in the CLOCK gene known as 3111 T/C, has been reported to influence sleep and activity. The SNP located in the human CLOCK gene was investigated as a predictor of diurnal preference in a population-based random sample of 358 adults. Morningness-eveningness preferences were determined using a questionnaire. Subjects carrying one of the two CLOCK alleles, 3111C, had a significantly lower mean score. The distribution of scores was clearly shifted toward eveningness for these subjects. The score difference was independent of age, sex and ethnic heritage, thus making population stratification effects unlikely to explain this difference. It is suggested that the identified polymorphism or another tightly linked polymorphism within the CLOCK gene or its regulatory elements may be responsible for the finding. Please note that the SNP would not, by itself, be of use for clinical genotyping in any sleep clinic.

These testimonials are based on fictional accounts, but for most of us, they are all-too familiar situations.

“My son is a terrible insomniac and I suggested that he take the Morning or Evening Preference Test to see if he might be able to better pinpoint the cause of his sleeplessness. Sure enough, his genetic makeup revealed that he’s inclined towards being a night owl!”

“My husband and I are both morning people. We were interested to find out if this was in fact part of our DNA. It was so interesting, the Morning or Evening Preference Test showed that I was more apt to be up at night, while he in fact is a true morning person.”

“I travel a lot for work and wanted to see if I’d be better off taking the red-eye or flying first thing in the morning if my schedule would permit it. The Morning or Evening Preference Test showed that I’m better off, getting my zzzzzzs on a regular basis at night in order to make sure I’m at my best during the day. I’ve decided to take early morning flights from now on.”

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