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My Child's DNA Insights Kit

Take the TheMakingsofMe My Child's DNA Insights Unlock the secrets of how your children’s genes influence who they are and what they can become, with this affordable DNA test kit. Gain valuable, scientific information about everything from your child’s cognitive capacity to their athletic capabilities and physical attributes. This kit will enable you to make better decisions that will allow your children to reach their genetic potential.

Tests included:
Overweight Potential, Height Potential, Memory Performance, Response to Diet, Speed vs. Endurance, Nearsightedness and Morning/Night Person

Enjoy seven tests for only $79

Sleep Patterns
Sleep Patterns.

Height Potential
Have you always felt too tall or too short? Did you know that there are factors in your DNA that can affect your height potential? Are you interested to see if your kid might end up as a basketball player or a supermodel?

Memory Performance
Memory Performance.

Response to Diet
Have you been trying and trying to lose weight with little or no success? Or does it seem that you are able to keep off the pounds with certain diets, while others fail? An inactive lifestyle and poor food choices are the primary cause of weight gain, but genetic makeup is also a determining factor for not only how you gain weight, but how successful you will be when trying to diet.

Speed vs. Endurance
Speed vs. Endurance.

Short-sightedness or myopia is a condition that could actually be a result of your genetic makeup. Scientists and researchers have discovered the presence of three genetic variants which can make you more susceptible to short-sightedness. DNA testing can help you find out what potentially is creating or caused your short-sightedness.

Weight Gain
Weight Gain.

Genetics 101

Every cell in the human body contains DNA– a long complex chain made of billions of bases called nucleotides. Only four types of nucleotides compose the DNA chain: These are A=Adenine G = Guanin, T=Thymine, C= Cytosine. The DNA chain is packed in 23 separate packages called chromosomes, which make our genome. A gene is a sequence of hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of nucleotides. Human cells have two copies for almost every gene in our genome. Together, all of our genes determine our physical characteristics and traits.

Nucleotide sequence in the DNA chain has some differences for each person, which is what makes each of us unique. A change in the sequence of even a single nucleotide can determine a person’s certain tendency. Studies have found that is it enough for a person to have a change in a single nucleotide (known as SNP-Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) to mark a gene and to be able to predict with certainty that this person has a specific tendency.
(read more about DNA and genes in Genetics 101).

These testimonials are based on fictional accounts, but for most of us, they are all-too familiar situations.

“My son is a terrible insomniac and I suggested that he take the Morning or Night Person Test to see if he might be able to better understand the cause of his sleeplessness. Sure enough, his genetic makeup revealed that he’s inclined to be a night owl!”

“I was so pleased with the results from the TheMakingsofMe test kit for my child. I learned an immense about my child and his genetic potential. I highly suggest this kit for parents who want to better understand their child's natural tendencies and advantages.”

“My daughters are growing at very different rates. I wanted to see what my DNA said about my height potential and how it might affect their height. Another parent at their school told me about the Height Potential Test. I ordered the test and found the results very interesting. Neither my husband nor I carry the gene that could make our daughters grow overly tall.”

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MyDNA Insights Kit
  • Reveal your DNA Promise
  • Baldness
  • Become overweight
  • Responding to certain diet
  • Becoming adicted
  • Having tall children
  • High memory capacity
  • Excelling in
    endurance sports
  • Longevity
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Each of these tests factored so positively in my life and I went through a huge transformation as a result!
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