One of the most common questions people ask us is, “why should I test my DNA?” You may have the impression that whatever is written in your DNA code is your destiny – as though you have no say in what your future holds. I’m going to help you dispel that myth and open your eyes to the world of DNA testing and what it has to offer each of us!

To sum up here are 10 reasons you should test your DNA:

1. Your genetic makeup influences your physical and mental state. It is not to say that you are pre-destined to live or behave in a certain way, but rather that you have a genetic potential that you can leverage and you can control the end result, to a certain extent.
2. Find out about your genetic potential, your child’s or your mate. Gain insights that help you to take the right decisions to shape your destiny.
3. Gain valuable information that will help you change your lifestyle to better suit your needs.
4. DNA testing has evolved from being an expensive elaborate lab analysis to be within reach of the ordinary person. It’s affordable for most any budget. Some people even give it as a unique gift!
5. DNA testing for medical risk assessment has become common practice and dramatically improves the outcome and prognosis of many diseases.
6. We are in an era where personalized medicine will become the next leap towards controlling and curing many diseases. Medical treatment tailored to a patient’s genetic makeup is going to be available to more and more people like you.
7. Today, everything is moving at a rapid pace due to technology – WEB, Smartphones, iPads . . . DNA testing is yet another domain where technological breakthroughs are occurring right before our eyes and impacting our lives. The information and data is now accessible to the masses and has the potential to transform the way we live.
8. Ethical debates may arise around the subject of DNA testing. To what extent should we know and use our genetic makeup? In today’s, security and privacy landscape, companies are aware of these ethical dilemmas, and are taking the measures to secure and protect the privacy of each consumer.
9. Personalized DNA testing enables you to be more involved in various aspects of your life. Knowing more translates into actionable decisions.
10. Many applications of DNA testing were science fiction just a few years ago and are now major economic influencers. Did you know that you can sample a salmon in the open sea, and foresee his forecasted route in his journey back to his birth place, based upon his DNA? Knowing such a route can enable fishermen to plan more productive fishing expeditions.