Getting your dna tested


Do be proud of your DNA makings! Since life first appeared  3.8 billion years ago, it has been estimated that more than 99.9% of all species have gone extinct. Your genetic makeup is so awesome, it has enabled you to be here and read this.

Don’t mix up your genotype with your destiny. DNA is not a crystal ball. It provides insights into risk and potential but ultimately, you are a combination of your genes and your environment.

Do call your parents and thank them for your genes. SO much of you are and who you can be has to do with the unique combination of DNA your parents gave you.

Don’t get discouraged by your tendencies if you feel they are not what you would like them to be. Use this new, incredible knowledge as a springboard to be proactive about your life choices.

Do something each day to challenge your DNA – run, swim 50 laps, eat healthy, memorize the Chinese alphabet, go bird watching, play basketball.

Don’t  overdo it. Maintain balance. 

Do  have children – it’s a proven way to share your DNA. 

Don’t be alone. Humans are highly social beings.Your DNA is influenced by how you spend your time.

Do consult with your physician on any health concerns you have.

Don’t hesitate to brag about your DNA makings.