Your Genes, Your Eating, Your Weight

The latest research findings on DNA markers associated with weight, eating habits and diet:

DNA Markers are tied to:

•  Above average BMI (body Mass Index).
• Children and adolescent obesity risk

DNA testing can help identify Your tendency to become overweight.

Sensitivity to taste

DNA markers for individual differences in taste perception influences food preference and intake.

Your sweet tooth is genetic!

Gluten Tolerance 

Gluten tolerance is rarely diagnosed and a minority of patients receive treatment. DNA testing can help identify Gluten Tolerance.

Lactase Persistence 

Lactase persistence genotype shows evidence of association with an increased body mass index.

Response to Diet

“Fat” metabolism, obesity and satiety

•The influence of dietary fatty acid distribution has an effect on children and adolescent obesity risk.
• Total fat and protein intake (expressed in grams per day) is statistically higher
•After adjustment for energy, percentage of carbohydrate intake was statistically lower in other individuals.

Response to physical Training

Improvements in glucose and insulin metabolism in response to regular endurance training.

Exercise does not impact everyone equally. Workout routines can be built to meet your genetic makeup.