Mediterranean diet?  Biggest Loser diet?  How about a high protein diet? Stop trying to guess. Test your DNA  -  the answers are in your genes. 

New developments in scientific research are providing useful insights into our DNA building blocks. Each of us responds uniquely to the diet we eat – metabolism, weight gain, cholesterol . . . What works for one person, does not work for another.

DNA diet

We are happy to introduce the Eat-Smart DNA Kit.

Unlike any DNA testing kit available!  The Eat-Smart DNA Kit is a ground-breaking, personalized genetic analysis that helps you make smarter choices about your diet, based on your unique genetic makeup.

“Based on mathematical and statistical analyses, we can take DNA testing to the next level. We go beyond the informative data and have entered a new frontier providing lifestyle guidance  based on genotype. This is a very exciting revolution and we are very happy to play a part of that,” explains Arik Even Tov, CEO of TheMakingsofMe.

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With a simple DNA test at home, you can take advantage of the latest scientific research and match your weight loss plan with your genetic makeup. 

The Eat-Smart DNA Kit is available at a discount for $67, for limited time only.