We keep running into the misperception that your DNA is like an engraved encrypted code dictating everything in your life from how long you will live to whether you’ll even have the capacity to remember how to brush your teeth when you are 75. In other words, too many folks think that their DNA and genetic makeup is a formula controlling their destiny. Well, that is really not true. If you believed that you are genetically programmed to a specific destiny then you are forgetting one of the most crucial elements.

Of course your DNA makeup plays a significant role in the “destiny formula” embedded in your genes. But the code you carry in your genes can be active or inactive. In other words, the signals can be turned on and be turned off. And this is precisely where it gets really interesting and really crucial to your health. How can you turn on or turn off the DNA code you carry? While science doesn’t completely understand the mechanism just yet, they have some initial clues and many well-educated hypothesis. So understanding our genetic makeup undoubtedly empowers us to make smarter life choices that impact our lives.

Think of it like playing in a poker game. Imagine that you can see what’s in the deck and make better decisions about how to play your hand. You’ll be at a huge advantage over any other player at the table. You can plan your moves based on the information you have. This is precisely what DNA tests allow you to do — see more of the cards that make up who you are. With that information in hand, you improve your ability to play life with the right strategy.

Let me give you a real example. Say Allison’s TheMakingsofMe DNA Test reveals that she has a genetic tendency to be slightly overweight. She is young now and does not have a weight problem. But now she is aware that she needs to be conscious of her diet choices, exercise and other issues that can affect weight. She is not fated to be heavy. She can take control. But with the same caloric intake as her college roommate who has a genetic tendency to be underweight, she may likely develop a weight problem.

If you are overweight or concerned about becoming overweight, you can log into TheMakingsofMe  dashboard and check your Geneometer results to see how likely you are to respond to a diet! Moreover, your Geneometerresults will help you determine which physical activity you are more likely to excel in. This information and more can significantly contribute to your overall wellbeing and sense of control.