DNA testing is a strategic weapon. Strategic weapons are so significant that they have the potential to change the course of the history.  I apologize for being militant but I too many people around us have given up. They gave up on how they look. They gave up on how they feel. They gave up on their health and their well being. And they just keep making really bad lifestyle and health related choices.

While the wellness war is not new, what is new is that science is providing us with advanced strategic weapons that make it exponentially more likely to win the war. DNA testing is one of the most significant developments to hit healthcare in the last decade. The realm of opportunities for leveraging DNA information to live better lives is tremendous. Here are 5 ways you can apply DNA Testing in the Wellness War:

  1. Intelligence Gathering. If you have watched any war movies or served in the army, you know the importance of reconnaissance – gathering intelligence. Knowledge is power. Think of DNA testing like the recon flight that helps a platoon map out the terrain before entering into battle.
  2. Analysis. Once you have the intelligence in your hand (your DNA test results), you need to make sense of it all.  With the help of the Geneometeryou can highlight obstacles and opportunities in your fight for wellness.
  3. Plan. Now that you know what you are made of, create an executable list of items you can change that will enhance your potential well being.
  4. Take pre-emptive strikes. Use what you learn about yourself from the DNA test to take action. If your DNA test results indicate a likelihood for shortsightedness, go get your eyes checked. If you are programmed to be a night owl, reconsider taking that 8:00AM chemistry class.
  5. Join Forces and share intelligence. Increase the chance of winning the war by joining with coalition forces. How? Recruit your loved ones. Test your child’s DNA to better direct the choices you make for him concerning diet, school, sports and overall wellness.

Get all of your loved ones tested. Understanding the entire family’s genetic makeup could help you decipher what makes you tick, defuse tension, optimize lifestyle decisions and enhance your bond.