DNA DAY Special

Thank You to Everyone for Participating!!!


A big thank you to everyone who helped our DNA Day Special to be a smashing success! Some of your comments were candid and touching while others were straightforward and funny. There are so many great reasons to get to know more about your DNA makings. Choosing the “best” answers was not easy so we decided to grant all of the participants a special thank you with a 1+1 coupon for any DNA tests or DNA Test kit offered by TheMakingsofMe.

And the DNA Day Special winners are . . .


We will touch base with you shortly about receiving your gift certificate.

The TheMakingsofMe Team


TheMakingsofMe is giving away three DNA Test Kits this month!  TheMakingsofMe DNA Kit can tell you about your DNA potential.  Knowing more about your DNA can help you get in shapelose weight, make better career choices, decide on the activities you want your children to participate in and even help you choose a life partner.

YOU can win!!  It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

1.     Struggling to lose weight? Choosing a career? Wondering what sport your child should play? Looking for the right partner? Tell us why you want to learn about how your DNA may influence who you are and what you can be.

2.     Add your comment to this page (below). Please post only one comment per email address.

3.     Best way to keep posted is on our Facebook page. LIKE our Facebook page to keep updated on the progress of the contest and to be notified about when the winners are announced here on our blog, follow us on Facebook or Twitter or both.

Please note! TheMakingsofMe DNA tests are NOT intended for medical purposes. The MyDNA Insights Kit includes DNA tests related to Weight, Speed vs. Endurance, Height, Memory, Vision, Nicotine Use, Hair Loss and Longevity.  Learning more about your DNA traits will help you make better lifestyle choices and open up more possibilities to help you reach your natural potential.

The best answers will be chosen by our team at the end of the month.

Small print: Must be 18 years or older. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. Submit your comments before the end of the month.