Child DNA Test AthleticsEver notice how some kids seem to quickly find their passion and get committed to some activity? It could be basketball, swimming, chess, piano or science, but they get committed and stick to it from an early age. As parents, we love when our kids find something that they are so passionate about that we don’t have to plead and beg with them to move away from the computer, TV or iPad long enough to go to their next tennis lesson.

It can be a challenge to help some kids find their passion. For some, it comes later in life and for others, they simply have not yet been exposed to the activity that will get their adrenaline flowing. When our kids are young, we don’t usually know what their inborn abilities are. Giving my son the name Jordan did not make him a basketball player. The fact that both his parents played basketball well did not make him passionate about basketball. And when I sent him to basketball camp every summer for 3 summers, I was sure he would eventually turn into the power forward I thought he could become. It was only as a teen, that we recognized he was not built for speed, but turned into a very talented martial arts athlete.

Knowing more about your child’s DNA makeup from the early years, can help you help him discover his passions early on.